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What is the best workout for weight loss?
Many people join a gym, workout hard and don’t lose a single pound. Others watch the weight just drop off. So what’s the secret?

To create the best workout for weight loss you need to understand how the body works. I don’t mean you need to go to medical school and train for 7 years to become a surgeon. You just need to find out the no-hype facts about what controls how much you weigh. For fast information about the best workout for weight loss click here NOW!

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It’s really quite simple. There are three main factors which control your weight:

Think of it this way - the food that you eat provides you with energy (calories). Your normal metabolism burns calories every minute of the day by pumping blood around your body, digesting food, maintaining all of your muscles, etc. You then burn extra energy when you do something - like getting out of the chair, climbing the stairs, anything.

Then the equation is simple - if you use more calories than you consume, your body will get the extra energy it needs by raiding its fat stores, and you will lose weight.

If you get more calories each day from the food you eat than you use, your body will store the extra in the form of fat. You will put on weight.

So to lose weight you need to control any, or ideally all three, of the factors - what you eat, how fast your resting metabolism is, and how much exercise you do.

The best workout for weight loss therefore means dealing with:

Of course, in addition to using the best workout, you need to have some control over your diet. But what sort of exercise you do is more important, and the benefit of toning up all those sexy muscles can give a great psychological boost. This is what really gives you the motivation to keep on going until you achieve your ‘perfect body’.

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