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The exercise best for weight loss is simple to find if you know what you are looking for.
It's easy to get hung up on questions about which exercise burns most calories and what time of day is best for exercising. The best exercise is one which conforms to certain basic rules and that you actually WANT to do every day.

It's easy to chase your own tail for years wondering which exercise is best for weight loss, and end up never doing any. This is one way guaranteed to ensure that you never lose any weight. If you want to lose weight the simple fact is that you need to increase your level of aerobic activity. That can be anything from walking or swimming to climbing the stairs, or even (gosh!) sex.

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Exercise is essential for weight loss

...as going on a diet just doesn't work - and for good reasons:

So if exercise is best for weight loss, how do you choose the best type for you?

The final piece in the jigsaw is the question of getting motivated. For many of us this can be the biggest problem. However, it is possible to change the way that you think about exercise.

When you were a child, there must have been things that you hated to eat, that you now love. Or vice versa. The foods haven't changed, but you have changed the way that you think about them. You may not know how you did it, but you changed you mind.

Now you can learn to change your mind about exercise. Simple techniques can enable you to love exercising. Then how easy will it be to lose weight?

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